By Mohamed Ahmed

Decagon MV

My goal is to sell upcycled art, promote awareness about rubbish dumped into the oceans, reduce the amount of metal & plastic debris thrown into the ocean every day, and lead by example to a better world through my art.

Unique – Handmade – Recycled – Art


My Mission

My mission is to spread awareness about the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle) in a unique way.

My aim is to promote recycling and reusing metals to reduce the amount of junk dumped into the sea. I want to upcycle what some would consider junk into treasure and sell my art pieces to those who admire them.


Be The Change

I feel like I can be the change by creating unique pieces like sculptures and standees out of scrap metals, used plastics & other debris which is harmful to nature – especially our oceans. Every piece I create has a unique story. 

Contact Me

WhatsApp +9607779795